Monaco Association of Architects

“The purpose of architecture is to move us. Architectural emotion is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light. Moving us through the greatness of the intention” 

Le Corbusier, « vers une architecture »

The Principality of Monaco’s Association of Architects was established by Ordinance-Law 341, dated 24 March 1942. At that time, the idea was both to recognise and define the outlines of a profession, and to protect a craft.

The law guaranteed contracting clients strict compliance with the rules regulating construction work in Monaco.

In addition, Sovereign Ordinance 3.269, dated 12 May 2011, introduced the essential clarity that our clients need regarding how the Association operates, its internal regulations and its values with regard to integrity and protecting the interests of the client. In accordance with these rules, the profession of architect is incompatible with that of an entrepreneur, manufacturer or supplier.

Today, the Association has nineteen members, all registered with us as independent architects. These men and women continue to defend the notion that our occupation reflects both the ability to design and also the ability to build.

Our commitments take shape by virtue of complete assignments that begin with the first pencil stroke (or click of the mouse) and end with the handover of a finished project that has been inspected by the authorities, the redesigned premises ready to be enjoyed.

Finally, at the behest of our Sovereign Prince Albert II, our profession is actively involved in the changes affecting modern society and engages in discussions with the Prince’s Government and stakeholders in the construction industry to ensure that our city state continues to develop, while accepting and taking into consideration the constraints needed to safeguard our environment.